Sentimental analysis



Resume Filtering

Automatic call centres call monitoring

Smart document analysis

Workflow of Virtual Assistance

Digital World

Chatbots adding Business Value

Demand of Chatbots has risen due to below factors

  • 24*7 Support
  • Response is Unbiased
  • Increase in sales and economic boost
  • Responses are saved for further analysis
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Data preprocessing
Clean Text Extraction

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User Query + Chatbot Model = Response

User Query will be passed to the Chatbot Api which will return the intelligent response.

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Natural Language Toolkit Guide

It is a platform for building program to work with human language data. Vision behind the introduction of Natural language libraries to interact with human conversation and respond back in his/her understandable form.


Sentiment Analysis on E-commerce Products Review System

Sentimental analysis is also called opinion mining. It is rightly said that business grows by understanding and fulfilling needs and requirement of customers.